Glassware maintenance tips

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1. routine cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper can, in case of stains can be removed with warm towels dipped in beer or vinegar erased Alternatively, you can use to sell glass cleaner on the market today, hanged pH strong cleaning solution. Winter frost glass surface is easy, usable cloth dipped in brine or liquor to wipe good results.

2. Once the pattern of ground glass is dirty, usable toothbrush dipped in detergent, wipe down the circle pattern can be removed. Alternatively, you can drop points kerosene on glass or chalk and gypsum powder coated on a glass dipped in water to dry, then wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass clean and bright.

3. There grunge glass, can be sprayed on the glass cleaner, and then paste with plastic wrap, then solidified grease softening, ten minutes later, torn plastic wrap, then wipe with a damp cloth.

4. To keep the glass clean and bright, hands must always be clean, if the handwriting on the glass, rubber flooding friction available, then use a damp cloth. If the glass paint, cotton dipped in hot vinegar can be used to scrub, wipe the glass dry with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol, can make it as bright as crystal.

5. Do not force collision usually glass surface to prevent scratching the glass surface, preferably covered with tablecloths. When something on the glass furniture placement, to gently and avoid collisions.

6. The best glass furniture placed in a relatively fixed place, not free to move back and forth; to smooth place objects, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of furniture, glass, preventing the center of gravity caused by overturned furniture. In addition, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, to be isolated from the acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, to prevent corrosion deterioration.