Maintenance tips for glass wash basin

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Glass vanities and glass products, like many, fragile and not high temperature, so the choice should pay attention, the wall thickness of the glass vanities available on the market today is generally 19mm, 15mm and 12mm and so on. Experts suggest that if economic conditions allow, the best choice for 19mm wall thickness of the product, because it can be resistant to a temperature of 80 ℃, impact-resistant and resistant to breakage is also relatively good.

Meanwhile, since the glass basin from the process to design costs are high, so the price is relatively expensive, generally high-quality glass vanities price should be 800 to 1,000 yuan, less than the price we must pay attention if the quality of the. In the match, glass basin should be either color or style Vanity and bathroom with other facilities to match, otherwise it will look awkward.

Clean the glass vanities thought to take care of a lot of trouble, as if ready to take the towel until no water stains, use a long time will be more worried about lost its crystal clear. According to experts, through a special process the glass basin surface finish very high, not easy to hang dirty. And on weekdays, glass basin cleaning and maintenance and ordinary ceramic basin is not much difference, you do not just pay attention to what Scratching the surface with a sharp object and do not use heavy impact on it.

Glass basin biggest enemy is water, scouring pad, steel brush, strong alkaline detergents, hard sharp weapon, grease stains. Glass basin best friend is cotton rag, neutral detergent, glass cleaner water.