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· [Durable & Cute Small Set] Combined with 1 x one-piece stainless steel stand,2 x Oil or Vinegar glass bottle with plastic lip and cap,2 x Powder glass bottle with plastic shaker,1 x Seasoning Jar with metal cap and plastic spoon.Different sizes jars are suitable for storing liquid condiments such as oils,soy sauce and sugar,salt,spices,pepper etc.
· [Decent & Modern Appearance] All glass bottles with chrome plastic caps,stainless steel rack with brushed finish.Not only to keep everything neat and organized,but also a great and simple addition decor to kitchen or dinner table.
· [Easy & Convenient to Use] (1) A nifty and sleek handle is reserved on its top part,makes easy to lift or transport from kitchen to dining room table;(2) All the glass bottle are transparent,good for knowing condiments capacity;(3)Non-slip pads sited at the bottom of the rack,make the spice rack stand more steady;(4) All the glass bottle and jars are easy to clean.
· [Both Household & Outdoor Use Are Preferred] No matter you are a cooking or grill lover,this spice organizer set will do big favors.It can get bulky condiments separately and you can fill the containers with whatever you need and store all of your favorite items nicely.With the carrier,you can transport it outside;It can be sited in cabinet,counter,kitchen table,dinning room desk and outdoor dining area etc.
· [Full Confidence To Buy] 100% satisfaction & money-back guarantee for this product.It works as not only a practical household device and stylish decoration for you,it would be a great and decent gift to present to your family members,friends etc.
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Shantou Street, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province


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