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BEAUTIFUL MATCHING SET - Our all-in-one container set includes 2 condiment shakers (2.7 oz each) and 2 oil and vinegar dispensers (4.8 oz each). An ideal gift!
AIRTIGHT LID KEEPS EVERYTHING FRESH - This set is topped with an airtight lid that protects your ingredients & seasonings in the pantry from getting spoiled, keeping them fresh longer.
STURDY THICK GLASS | BUILT TO LAST - Every dispenser and shaker in this set features high-quality CLEAR GLASS, which makes them durable and allows for a clear view of its contents. All the pieces included in this set come with a decorative & modern white metal that also protects them from scratches or getting broken easily.
GET THE GLASS BENEFITS | BEAUTIFUL, TASTEFUL & SAFE - Glass containers preserve the original flavors of your products much longer than their plastic counterparts. Also, glass is safer for food storage, plastic and other materials have the potential risk of leaking harmful chemicals into your precious food (such as BPA). Plus, let’s not forget how beautiful glass containers look!
LOVE IT OR SEND IT BACK | HASSLE FREE RETURNS - We built our brand on happy customers and we are sure that you’ll love our product. So, we offer 30 day HASSLE-FREE returns and even a 5-year limited warranty. Buy with confidence we won’t let you down!
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Shantou Street, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province


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